Party Themes

The theme of your quince will define everything from the invitations to the decorations.  It is also a great way to show off something unique about you.  Below are different themes and ideas you can incorporate at your quince!

2016 Quince Themes: Amazing!
Enjoy 7+ Quince theme decor & ideas!

This will make for a super sweet quince! Have candy EVERYWHERE! Other quinces only have a candy table but with this theme you can even have an edible centerpiece!  This is a really colorful and playful theme.  Get ready to have some fun! 

Masquerade/Mardi Gras
This is a cost friendly theme (if you want it to be).  The main colors are metallic gold, purple, and green. The two main decorations which would be great for your tables would be masks and beads.  Another idea would be to make your invitations shaped like a mask. 

Arabian Nights
If you want an original theme this is the one! A great way to start the decorations is an elaborate carpet at the entrance. How about a magic lamp as a centerpiece? Want to make it over the top? How about a starry night?

Winter Wonderland
This theme is great for the winter season because everything you'll need for decorations like fake snow, trees, globes, etc. will be easy to buy versus say trying to buy it during summer.  If you want to take your quince to the next level look for ice sculptures (maybe your portrait).  You’ll go from quince girl to snow queen!

Las Vegas
Bring Sin City to your quince! Bring out the chocolate tokens and lets gamble!

Halloween /Day of the Dead

October/November babies this one is especially for you but it is open to any quince girl!  Decorate your hall like a graveyard or how about a haunted house! Strobe lights and a smog machine would work great with this theme.  
 If that is too much just keep it dark and elegant. 

Sports:  Soccer, Baseball, Football, etc.

How about incorporating the sport you love to one of the best days of your life?  If you are passionate about a sport this can be a great and unique theme to use. 

This theme has been very popular in the quince world because it is definitely a theme that you can do a lot with.  Take a look.

Alice in Wonderland

This is a great theme that can go either of two ways: happy-go-lucky or gothic.  The choice is up to you. 

You are the ringmaster and you have to put on a show for your guests! Dazzle them!

Beauty and the Beast
This is a perfect theme for those Disney lovers!  In order to achieve this theme the colors you should use are yellow/gold and black.  Another fun color to add is royal blue.  The blue would be perfect to make things pop and to add accents to your quince.  This theme can go either of two ways.  It can create a romantic atmosphere or a more childlike party.  Most will opt for the romantic side of a Beauty theme so that is what the pictures will present.  You definitely want to base your decorations on the characters of the movie and the important symbols like the rose.

Night in Paris

Make your quince a night in one of the most romantic cities of the world.

Red Carpet Event
Make your quince a star studded event and bring out the red carpet!

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