After the quince is over...

"What do I do after my quince?" 

Question submitted by Nayeli A.

There are years and years leading up to the big Quince celebration. All that time you get to look forward to wearing your beautiful dress and sharing the moment with your friends and family.  
But in one day everything is done.

Let's get back on the happy train and list how to make this better!

1. Enjoy EVERY moment of the Quince
Have fun planning it!
If something does not go as planned on the day don't get upset just let it go. Unfortunately not everything will be perfect.

2. Start your quince day EARLY
Reserve a 10 AM mass 
You will have MORE Quince day time!
 Enjoy it with your court!

3.  Have an afterparty with your court
Ideas: Pizza party, party bus cruise, etc.

4. Get your court together to see the quince video & pictures!

A quinceañera is an amazing experience that we can only relive through photographs and video.

Then the quinceañera ends.

But do not think of it as a sad moment instead think of how lucky you were to live that experience that many others do not get to have.
Your transition into womanhood was celebrated with all your friends and family.

Your life is just beginning. Enjoy it and most importantly make the most of it. You will now have to make choices for yourself that will define who you become.  

If there is one piece of advice I can give you it will be this,
Always prepare for what you know is coming.

There will be obstacles in life that you don't know are heading your way but for those others that you DO know prepare yourself.
Begin to apply my advice by studying hard and looking forward to the next big experience of your life, college.